Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What in the Hell is wrong with Hip Hop?

Burning turntable

What's good folks? It's ya boy DunklinStreet. This is my first post. I couldn't decide what 2 write about so i decided 2 write about some thing that seems to be on every body's minds: the state of Hip Hop. I love the game. But it seems like rap is having an identity crisis. U got the generational gap. The "East-Coast Genocide". The Dirty South reign. So right now, I got to get some shit off my chest.

  1. The Generational Gap: Why do u think Jay-Z, Nas, Snoop, Puffy and Dre' still run rap? Because most of these new cats coming out now suck. I mean like eww, they really suck. I'm not hating on them, but c'mon now "Crank Dat Soulja Boy"? That song made me wanna rip my fucking ears off! Im sorry im so graphic, but damn. Ay Bay Bay? WTF is that shit? Is this nigga even speaking English? This is Why I'm Hot? This nigga Mims said he's so hot he can sell a mill saying nothing on the track. That's what's wrong wit these dudes. They know they don't have to have no real skills. There aint no way 95% of these songs would have played on the radio 10-15 years ago. Here are the ingredient's for a hit song today: a catchy hook, 808 drums, low-ass bass and just to be on the safe side a dumb-ass dance. Another problem i have is the blatant disrespect for anything that came out before you. Take the case of Nas. Niggas actually got mad at him for naming his album Hip Hop Is Dead. And most of the dudes that got made were out of the South. He wasn't talking specifically about any artist or region. But young niggas is hard headed these days. When Jigga came out with the Kingdom Come record, most people didn't like the record just because he was a 37 year-old rapper rapping like a 37 year-old rapper. To me he was more Shawn Carter than Jay-Z on that album. So what I'm saying is that older rappers don't want to conform to ways of the game now and younger rappers wanna get shine by any means necessary.
  2. The East-Coast Hate Brigade: This issue really disturbs me. I mean New York is the mecca. The genesis. The origin of the culture. First, they hated on the West Coast when they were rulling in the early to mid 90's. Then they started to hate on the South cause they killin it right now. But even worse than that, they fueding with each other. I don't understand why these niggas just can't get along. It's like the crab-in-the-barrel syndrome. It's crazy. 50 Cent talks shit on everybody. Dipset is falling apart at the seams. Fat Joe supposedly getting his ass wupped by a nigga that weigh 150 lbs soaking wet. Even the mighty Wu-Tang Clan is enduring in-fighting. It upsets me because they can't ever get back on top, if they don't start to unify. That what's makes the South so dominant. The unity. They have a few spats here and now, but all in all they are unified. They better look at what happened to the West Coast after Death Row collapsed. They were fighting for years, careers were destroyed, it was a mess. So attention all New York rappers: if want to get back on top, quit battling with each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. The Dirty South Reign: The South has been running rap for the last 6 or 7 years now. Artists like Outkast, Ludacris, TI, Young Jeezy, Lil' John, Rick Ross and of coarse Lil' Wayne have been amongst the most influential and highest selling rappers of this period. But has the ascension of the South led to the decline of relevance of the culture? I kind of think it does. I mean how many time can we talk about making it rain? Or life in the trap? It's like all they talk about is trapping, big rims, weed, purple drank and pussy. Not much of a pedigree is it. It has become so simple now. I love the beats, but the lyrics are so redundant. I'm not bashing the South, but if you don't' want people complaining about the state of Hip Hop and your the ruler, step your game up.

I have some grievances and had to air them out. I know writing a blog ain't chance shit, but we need to come together and try to work some of this shit out. We are under fire right now. Take a minute to ponder that shit on yo head. Now that you have digested this 4 a minute, u should realized the severity of the situation.

I AM HIP HOP!!!!!!!!!!!