Thursday, March 20, 2008

The underdogs win!!!!! Rooks beat the Vets; Big Easy, a big disapointment?


Probably most of you guys tuned into the season finale of Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Gauntlet III last night on Mtv; and I had to commend the Rooks for them just sticking it out this season. Because Lord knows these guys had a horrible start, with losing over half of their teammates, and the Vets only lossing five; two due to throwned challenges and one to conflict within the group. But the Rooks may have finally earned the title as Veterns when the next Gaunlet comes around. Or did they?

The final challenge, Army Strong, began with an enduring half mile swim in ocean to shore, so that each team could arrive their very first check point. To many on the team this swim was only just a taste of what the challenge had to offer, but not to Eric aka Big Easy, who was taken back by the swim; he and CT, aka Eric's personal drill sargent, remained the last two in the ocean, while a very angery and anxious group of Vets waited on dry land regretting even letting Eric get this far in the challenge. They knew by just this first challenge that Eric was not going to recover soon, defaintly not soon enough to get caught up to a not so far ahead Rookie squad.

For the first time, in my opnion, the Rookies seemed to be on the same page. Chained together, the Rooks jogged down the gravled pathway chanting songs to keep each other's spirits up; but on the other end of the road, the Vets struggled with their extra baggage, Eric. The poor man was too damn weak to even put on his team uniform, Ev didn't hesitate in helping, so badly the team wanted to catch up with the Rooks; a very pissed off Evan jumped down Big Easy's throat for not even tempting to try and speed up the process, but was shut down when Big Bad CT came and told not to fuss but encourage Eric, because all the fussing just made the situation worse. . . Whew! I guess CT spoke to damn soon, because as soon as the running came, Eric's energy level just collapsed; which set CT into an incrediable rage. The only person on the team that seemed to be sympathtic to Eric was Brad, how begged his teammates to slow down so that man could regain his breath and rebuild enough energy to get to the next checkpoint, but what does the team do? Push even harder, and basically drag a spent Eric, who appeared to be like a zombie. CT jerked and snatched on the chain connecting the rest of the team to Eric, as he went ballestic screaming repeatively to Eric "you betta not fuckin quit!" Brad lashed at CT claiming that Eric stated he could not breathe, and that Eric was vomiting, but the team ignored the obvious signs of exhaustion and most likely dehydration, and kept dragging the poor man. But he finally reached his end, when he collapsed, hyperventilating, dead eye, and making no movement. The team fought amongest one another whether to get a medic or to drag his ass the rest of the way! WHEW! Cold-blooded group.

I'm not going to sit here and sum up the entire show, but there was alot things I wanted to hit on. Like for one. . .
Adam killed Danny in the Gaunlet! LMAO! Anyways. . .

But I think this was sweet irony to the Vets to lose the season finale. The entire season the guys plotted on how to they were going to "trim the fat", but I guess the forgot to trim all of it, about 300 pounds of it. Now do get me wrong, I love Big Easy, I was rooting for him; but he talked the talk, but didn't have enough endurance to walk the walk. Being a big person myself, I know when you get tired and your body can't go no more. . . It can't go no more! But still the Vets could have won if they were just a little more sympathtic and would have allowed Eric to catch is breath and regain a little strength, for real The Rooks were not that far ahead of them, and they still beated them at the end, but lost by default. If only they would slowed down to allow Eric to regain his breath and drink some water; everything else would fell into place, and they still could have won, with all of their players. But as Robin said. . . the guys were too afraid of going up against Big Easy in the Gaunlet, thus they got stuck with him at the end. So their loss, was their own fault.
Was Big Easy a disappointmet? I'll let his team answer that.