Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Stop the presses!!!!!!! Brandi Jackson is not Janet's daugher!

Brandi Jackson

Call me the rumor killer, because I got some things to bring to your attention; like for one, no one loves the entire Jackson Family more than me! I mean from the Jackson Five to Michael and his solo years. . . I been a huge fan since I was in diapers, but we all know the Jacksons have been voted Hollywood's most wackiest family, and can't seem to stay out the tabloids; but for the sack of my famous family I got to shut down this one rumor that just won't seem to die. . . The Brandi Jackson and Janet Jackson rumor. . . You know the one, Janet and James DeBarge's love child that was "given" to her elder brother, Jackie. . . Right. Okay, okay. . . lol! That's funny to me, I'm sorry, but. . . com'on! How stupid do you think everybody is?! Let's be real, Michael was huge in the 80's! Do you think the media would be all over his teenage pregnant sister?! Com'on! The cameras would of have been on Janet the entire nine monthes she was pregnant with Renee. . . Okay, and I thought her name was "Renee" but now all of sudden her 26-year-old niece is her daughter!

Okay, I know I'm going off but the entire lie, yes I said lie, has been change so many damn times that its almost rediculous to repeat, but I got to kill it. This whole thing started in 2005, when Janet's former brother-in-law, Young DeBarge made an apperance on New York City's urban radio show Hot 97, whom at that time made the accusation that Janet and James had at that time, an 18-year-old daughter named Renee; whom was sent to live with Janet's elder sister Rebbie. . . Now. . . Okay, now how did the story switch from Rebbie to Jackie? And according to Young's statment, Renee should be at least 22 years of age, but some how someone looked at Jackie's beige daughter and popped the thought into their mind that she looked too much like Janet to be his kid. . . okay. . . Maybe they would share resemblence since their auntie and niece. . . Well, I look like my aunts. . . Am I not my parents' child? According to many people who continue to believe this rumor, I'm not. LOL!

But n-e-ways, back to the murder of this rumor:

Brandi Jackson, daughter of Jackie Jackson and Enid Spann, was born on Febuary 6, 1982. . . Janet Jackson was born May 16, 1966. . . Let's have a math session, ladies and gentleman. . .
-1966= 16, right so far. . .
but Janet had not had her 16th birthday yet, so she was only 15 when Brandi, her "daughter" was born. Okay, do you really think Joesph "Beat'em down" Jackson would let his new golden voice ticket to fame have a baby?! And that young?! I know she snuck and got married, but at least she was 18 and had more freedom to do stuff, I highly urge you to no believe this ignorant rumor, I know the Jackson's have done some weird and wacky things, but this is pushing. . . And don't you think her 'daughter' would came out of hiding yet? I mean, don't you think that she would want the world to know the truth? But until that happens, and I hear from this girl's mouth that Janet is her mother and James is her father, while holding a paternity and maternity test in her hand. . . I consider this rumor to be dead, and buried six feet under in the Show-me files burial ground.