Saturday, March 29, 2008


What is Hate? What does it really mean? In Hip Hop terms, why are you considered an Hater if you don't like something? I don't understand that. I'm speaking for myself right now. Anytime I say i don't like something or somebody, I get called an Hater. It pisses me off. For example, I don't like Bow Wow. Cant stand his punk ass. But let explain my position. The main reason i don't like him is because he is cocky and arrogant. For no fucking reason. Yes he has hit records and platinum album. But so does Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer, Young MC and a host of other wack-ass rappers. The nigga don't even write his own shit. It ain't like the nigga's lyrics are complex or introspective like say Lupe or Nas or somebody like that. All his shit is about bitches. I wouldn't even be mad at that, but damn every song. He's worse than LL. Now I have alot females that are close 2 me that love this nigga's funky drawers. And they the ones that are always in my ass about "Hating" on Wow Bow. Another person they like that I cant truly understand is Trey Songs. I mean bitches love this nigga. I understand he can sing and all that, and they think he's cute, but there's got to be more to it than that. My beef is that he hasn't had an bonifide hit record. BE honest, name Trey's huge song. Go ahead I'll wait.................. You cant cause it doesn't exist. All them other "new" R&B dudes have at least one. Chris Brown, check. Ne-Yo, check. Lyfe, check. The Dream, check. J. Holiday, check. Even the "token" white boys Robin and Justin got monster hits. I'm just trying to say if a nigga is that bad, he should have a monster, career defining song two albums into his career. Please don't hate me. But i like Chris Brown. Dat nigga is bad. You might ask how can i like Chris Breezy and dis-like Wow Bow and Trey Songs? Cause Chris shows humility and he his a student of what he does. He's a singer and an dancer and he loves to sing and dance. And it shows with his performances. I'm just being honest.

I am NOT an Hate!!!!!!!!!!!!. I repeat, NOT an Hater!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a Real nigga that speaks passionately from the heart. That's right, from the heart. I say shit that alot of people might wanna say, but are too afraid to say. I'm not saying that everything i say is right, but at least I'm honest enough to admit it. I don't like to bite my tongue. But i try to say things in a respectful manner. I don't always do, but i try.

So in closing i say this, not liking something does not make you a Hater. It makes you human and real