Thursday, July 16, 2009

........Allow Me Re-introduce Myself.

I'm on a crusade right to find different kinds of music to listen to. Hip Hop just is not doing it for me right now. I don't know if it's because I'm getting older or what, but the stuff they are trying to pass off as Hip Hop music is very offensive to my ears. Don't get me wrong, I'm not mad at anybody for getting they guap on, especially in this economy, but c'mon. Some of this shit is embarrassing. I did an blog a little while ago questioning whether Jay-Z was trying to use gimmicky tactics to try and stay relevant in today's here today, gone today rap game. Then last night was on and i read an interview they did with No I.D. the producer of D.O.A. They asked where did the concept of the song from. He answered saying they were all in Hawaii: he, Jay, Kanye, Ty Ty, Timbo you know the usual suspects. So while they were talking, some one suggested that Jay needed a song that would capture the attention of these lil niggas ala Soulja Boy. So that led to an heated back and forth conversation. Meanwhile I.D. is finishing up the beat to D.O.A. that he had been working for a couple of days. Kanye told him to play the beat for everybody. 'Ye then went over to Jay and told him the concept and gave the hook. The rest is history. I find that story interesting because even in Jigga and his comrades questioned whether to conform to the masses. I'll tell you what, if Hov had came out with some shit like "Do Da Jigga Toe", I would have been done with his old ass.

So while we sit here and patiently wait for Blueprint 3, Slaughterhouse, Relapse 2, Before I Self Destruct, Only Built For Cuban Linx 2 and (even though I probably shouldn't mention this album for fear of disappointment) Detox, we can only hope that these albums can help bring about a change in the current landscape of Hip Hop. But something tells me Bow Wow, Soulja Boy, Hurricane Chris, GS Boys, New Boys, V.I.C. and Lil Wayne ain't through just yet.

Support Real Hip Hop!!!!!!!!!!!!